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Custom Portal & Co-branding

An often overlooked piece to the hiring puzzle is selling your company to qualified candidates. We offer customized portals to help you promote your corporate brand.

Software Integration

Pre employment testing and training needs analysis are but two tools in a large arsenal used by today’s staffing companies and human resource departments. Pre·Valuate Online integrates smoothly with your existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Contact us for more details on this cost-effective and timesaving solution.


Consulting Services

We provide personalized consultation to our clients. We listen and we dissect the problem. We work with you to make sure the solution we provide achieves the results you want, accurately, quickly, and in a cost-effective manner. We have a 25 year history of collaboration with our clients on new features and new product offerings. We pride ourselves on innovation and that innovative spark often starts with a question from our customers: “…is it possible to give us something which works like this…”

Custom Content

Today’s global marketplace continues to spawn many specialized vertical niches in ever-competitive environments. There are times you need testing tailored to your specific needs and those specific needs may not be addressed in our current library of available evaluations. That’s where we come in. Presenting Solutions consultants will work with your team as the Subject Matter Experts, and tailor a sequential test to address your specific needs, making sure all government guidelines and validation are followed. Any and all custom tests are the sole property of your company.


Data Analysis and Creating Metrics

Make the most of your valuable assets: your employees and your pre-hires. Advanced metrics are available to allow you to compare, contrast and sort through the talent pool at your disposal allowing you to recognize and reward outstanding individuals, and challenge and train those employees that are eager to move forward.


Technology is moving fast. Your testing program should allow you to keep pace and provide the ability for you to separate out candidates who are at pace from those who are falling behind. Our flexible testing center allows you to present real problems and solicit actual code samples from your pre-hires. This method has proven far more accurate when reviewing candidates for positions within IT, computer programming, and database management than the more static, traditional testing methods used to assess other skills.

Business communication is a crucial skill. Pre·Valuate Online allows you to collect full writing samples from your candidates. Our software will present a real-world scenario and ask the candidate to write a letter in response. You will learn about their skill in writing as well as their application of logic and reasoning, while you review and grade their results at the same time.


Real life examples are the best way to get to know someone’s abilities. With xPlainIT you can set a scene for a test of reasoning and customer service skills by incorporating PowerPoint images, charts, graphs, schematics, or even video clips into your custom tests. Incorporate audio files and test the listening, reasoning and phone etiquette skills of your pre-hires, which has proven to be indispensable knowledge before filling positions in transcription and call center positions.

Pre-screen Interview

The best candidate for the job may be next door or half a world away. Let us make this easy for you to assess! Use our Interview Generator to peel back the layers and get under the surface of a candidate before you or the candidate spend monies associated with travel expenses. This will help evaluate questions in regard to a person’s accomplishments, their interpersonal skills, results orientation, time management, corporate culture needs, collegiate history, and their sales ability. This also includes a candidate selfassessment as well.

Foreign Language Fluency

Global business means global communication. The demand for bilingual and multi-lingual candidates is becoming a necessity in many organizations and in many industries.

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